Author: Melanie

A Colorado native, Melanie enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and lunch on a patio with a cold beer. She spent the majority of her adult life racing cars for a living but moved back home to Colorado and now works as a Realtor.

Condos in the Denver market

Real Estate News The condo market, just like the single-family home market, has been on fire the past six years. Every metric I measure has shown an enormous demand from condo buyers and a shortfall of inventory from sellers. As you would expect, this has led to competing offers and fast rising prices. Condo prices […]

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Next Chapter

Hi! I’m excited to share with you my plans for the future. As you know, I grew up in the racing world and spent more than a decade driving race cars for a living. That was an amazing career but I decided I was ready to throttle back a bit and return to my native […]